first idea

(ive been trying to get this short film idea onto paper and out of my head but i need some help with opinions and little details)

my main idea (not specific in between scenes etc): 

a girl around the age of 19 aspires to be an author. She has recently had memory issues from the result of either trauma, injury, or both. her friends start to notice these issues and people around her start to worry. After her incident she becomes increasingly distant from people , speaks with a stutter, and starts talking to herself more and more. she begins to write a story when she has a spark of inspiration so she carries a notebook around with her to her usual spots where she likes to sit. scenes of her sitting in public places writing her story in her notebook. She often looks up to observe the people around her, looking confused. Eventually,  in one of the final scenes, she is sitting in a public place, either a cafe or park, and shots of her writing in the notebook and closeup of the notebook are shown. Suddenly, she starts to realize somethings not right, but she keeps writing thinking its another memory issue or something someone said to her is getting in her head and bothering her. more closeups of the notebook are shown, a specific action occurs in her story, where then she looks up and the action occurs in the location she is sitting. She realizes that all those times something didnt feel right in the scenes earlier is because moments she writes down in her notebook then happen in the location she is sitting in

The End

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