Don't you want it, Alice?
An easy escape.
They cannot harm you
If you leave them this way.

Don't you want to, Alice?
Freedom from life.
Those horrible visions
Will be gone just like dreams.

Don't you see, Alice?
There's no point anymore.
What's done is what's done
Cannot fix your mistakes.

Don't you understand, Alice?
You can fly free.
It is fast and effective
Nothing better than this.

We're helping you, Alice
Isn't that what you want?
To be chained up and broken
None to hurt anymore.

We can see your mind, Alice
This is just what you want.
No more freedom to hurt
Those who say that they care.

We knew you'd agree, Alice
There's no time at all.
Open up the drawer, Alice
It's the end of the line.

The End

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