No way out anymore.

We watch and wait
As she breaks
As he breaks her
We do not intervene.
He will destroy her
And himself too.

We watch and wait
As she cries and cries
While he sits back and
Does not intervene.
We know she will die
And him, too.

A night of happiness and love
That he ruins
Like all the others before.
He has never been happy
Since he can remember.
Always knowing everything
Will come tumbling down
Because of him.

He cannot be happy
He is not allowed to be.
He must feel the sorrow
She feels.

He remembers once
Of a time when there was joy and peace
In his mind.
Now there is sorrow and war.

He remembers children
Happily playing with their mother
A happy mother.
Their corpses sing him to sleep.

He remembers a house
A mansion of pureness and shelter
From the darkness.
There is no comfort in those blackened halls.

He sits in a cloud of misery.
Spreading it to others
Ruining with his touch
With his words
His actions
His inaction.
He does not act.
He is scared
There is nothing to be scared of.

He will not speak.
He does not want to.
He wishes for the will to go on
But it eludes him.

He wants to run.
To be alone
So he cannot harm anyone.

They won't let him.
He is not allowed
To be scared.
He has no reason.

How he wishes for a way
To make everything better.

The End

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