Stop looking at me like that!!

What is your problem??
What is that grin about?

 Why are you walking towards me?

Don’t touch me!!!!!!!

  she wants to scream, she wants to kick and punch…but she knows what he is capable of…he does it to her, what’s to stop him from taking that weight on the floor and bashing hr over the head?

 she don’t say a word.

 His hands are rough and cold.

his eyes empty,no emotion.

she start to cry..

 No sound, just tears.

 He doesn’t say a word.

 Just looks her in they eyes,

 Puts his figure to his lips


 gets up…and goes back to the bed he shares with the most beautiful woman.

 As if he did nothing wrong.

 i should of said something sooner.

 I should of told her, then maybe she could of gotten out before it was to late.

 He doesn’t care who he hurts.

 She tried to say no,

 Now she is dead.


        ..that could have been me.

The End

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