she wakes up, her stomach growls she shrugs it off and continues with her day.

Hours go by she feels dizzy,the pain in her stomach dose not lessen.

She smells the food,she can't withhold..

She eats,then her soul darkens.

Her thoughts run ramped,she hates the feeling of fullness in her stomach.

She goes to the bathroom,turns on the fosset to drownd out the sound as she vomits.

She gets up washes up then goes on like nothing happened.

She walks through this world feeling lonely and sad,

her mind is full of evil sickening thoughts,

her heart is broken and longing to see love for herself-oh how she wants that to be...

but she walks empty,not just her stomach but her soul as well. empty,lonely,dark and afraid..

just longing to be filled but don't know how.

The End

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