emptied and filled.

"my life is spinning out of control."

we've all heard it, and we've all felt some sort of it.

where things just get too confusing, and

we're okay with driving down the road and, in doing so, entrusting our lives to the other drivers, but we can't trust the God Who created us.

and when things seem out of control, i know get frustrated with God, even though the reason things seem out of control is because i'm trying to control them in my own way, when really, i keep proving to myself, time and time again, that everything has an incredible ability to just slip right through my fingers.

and i choose my airplane seat with little trepidation, because the pilot has to have good credentials in order to fly the plane, but somehow, God's credentials just aren't enough?

i spend hours, pacing around and around my kitchen table, stressing over whether i should be a theatre major or an english major or a classics major or a psychology major, and it's just

i just can't take it any longer, so i take it out on my laptop and write in run-on sentences that don't even know the meaning of capitalization.

and things are whirling around
and i don't know what to do with my life
and heck, i know i'm just seventeen, but i can't always use my age as an excuse
i just want something in my life to go as planned, you know?
things just get cloudy and they keep spinning on and on
and the more i think about it, the more stressed i get, but then

i slow myself down and whisper,

"be still, my soul, the Lord is on my side. this, too, shall pass."

things will be okay. we just need reminders.

The End

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