Empire under fire (working title)

it is the year 2567, over a decade after the third world war. the effects were devestating, causing huge continental change. now, though, a new enemy threatens to plunge the world once more into war.....

The year is 2567. A series of natural disasters has drastically reshaped the planets surface, and all land mass has been focused into one super-continent. The second Pangaea. However, for some reason, natural anomalies are being created all across the globe, and no one knows why. They are causing havoc-destroying farms, levelling cities and annihilating ecosystems. Only heavy human intervention has saved the Earths animals and plant life. Earth itself in the midst of an uneasy peace. It has been 10 years since the last World War, and all countries have joined one of the three most powerful nations. They are, currently, in an arms race. The Argeian Empire, the United Federation, and the Ofricon union are competing to maintain the delicate balance of power, lest they fall behind and become vulnerable. The Empire is currently in the lead, with its new technology of ‘battle armour’.

At the moment, the Empire expresses no desire to invade its weaker neighbours. However, an attack on an imperial outpost by an unknown foe has set in motion a series of events that will inevitably lead to war…………..

The End

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