Did you actually believe me when I told you the gashes on my arms were because I hugged a porcupine? Isn’t it obvious that there aren’t any porcupines hanging around our house? 

Did you really think the reason I started wearing long sleeves when it was 103° outside was because I was cold? Seriously, we don’t keep the air-conditioner that cold.

Did you honestly think I just “miraculously” lost nine pounds during a six-day summer camp? Mom, you’re a nurse, can’t you see that something’s wrong with that?  

Couldn’t you see that in that in those moments I was crying out for help? I was begging you to see and rescue me before I fell deeper into this endless pit.

Now you wonder why I seem distant. You keep asking me if I’m okay.

You want to know the truth: I am far from okay, but I don't know if I will ever be strong enough to let you know that.

The End

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