Princess Born of MutinyMature

A long time ago, in a place not far from where I now sit, there lived a king. Now the king was very happy because his queen had just given birth to their very first princess. He loved his little girl more than the air in his lungs, and would have done anything for her. When she was just two years old they were blessed with yet another princess! 

With two loving daughters the King and Queen decided their family was complete. After all, there were pressing matters of state that required most of the Kings attention, and the Queen was busy watching over the affairs of the castle. 

Still, there was nothing more important to the King than spending time with his precious princesses. After the pressing issues of court were resolved he would devote the rest of his day to his girls! They played together, went on rides, explored the countryside and enjoyed each-others company. This went on for seven years, at which point the Queen announced that she was once again with child. 

Not wanting their third princess to grow up alone the King and Queen decided that they would have one more baby before calling their royal family complete. Barely a year later their fourth princess entered the world!

The next three years were a busy time for the family, and the Queen was very happy with how her four little princesses were growing up! In her eyes, the family was complete! But destiny had other plans.

One sunny afternoon while the Queen was taking a leisurely stroll in the garden she was met by her four charming daughters that told her point-blank that they wanted another playmate! 

Taken aback by the idea the Queen went to consult the King and told him of the absurd idea their darlings had had. Of course, she thought it was out of the question. To start all over again? No, she wouldn't hear of it! After all the King and Queen weren't as young as they once were!

To her utter surprise the King agreed with the royal princesses. He had been thinking for quite some time that another child would be positively splendid! The Queen was shocked, but reluctantly agreed to her husbands wish. 

Exactly nine months and nine days later their fifth princess made her rather traumatic entry into the world. 

The princess the Queen didn't want.

I didn’t hear this story until I was eleven years old. At church one Sunday we were all supposed to tell an example of something we felt like God wanted us to do, and even though we didn’t want to at the time we did it anyway.

I was my mom’s example. In front of most of my friends and their parents she got up and told them how she didn’t want me. She ended with “But I’m so glad I did it. I couldn’t imagine my life without Victoria.”

All my life I had grown up thinking that I was the little cherry on top of the banana split of our family… and in ten minutes that all changed! I know my parents love me. I know my mom is truly glad that I was born. I know she meant well telling that story. I just wish I would have never known!

I wish I didn’t have to feel like the unwanted child!

The End

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