Dance In The RainMature

Your hand was placed gently on my waist as your deep blue eyes penetrating into my very soul. We were together. We were safe. My hand was tucked gently in yours as we swayed back and forth to the rhythm of our hearts. Like lightning dancing across the midnight sky we flitted around the dance floor as though we were made of air.  

Then came the thunder. Bold and frightening it whispered in my ear. It told me of the lies you had deceived me with. The facts I had so blatantly chosen to ignore. 

Surely I was yours. There could never be another. We were like two halves of the same soul. You understood me like none other, you accepted me for who I was no matter the circumstances. With you I felt free to be myself. With you I felt loved.

The echoing of thunder grew louder and louder until the very floor began to shake. I tried to hold on to you. I told myself we would make it through, but the more I grasped for you the farther you slipped away until with one final rumble we were forever torn apart. 

It was then that the rain started. At first it was a gentle drizzle that eased my aching body and refreshed my wounded heart, but steadily it increased until the pelting drops felt like bullets riddling my fragile skin until I was completely numb. 

Alone on the dance floor I cried out for help, but you chose to ignore my plea. You turned your back when I needed you the most, so I battled the storm by myself. Pain and rejection filled my entire body. Disdain for you welled up in my heart until I wished I could erase every memory of you, both the good and the bad.

A year went past and every day thoughts of you penetrated my mind until I thought I was going to drown in the flood of emotions and pain. Every memory of you pierced me like a thousand needles in my flesh until one day I realized that it's okay to struggle. It's okay to feel pain.

So now with new resolve daily I can dance in the rain!

The End

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