Emotions of the EmotionlessMature

Emotions of the Emotionless is my journey back to expressing who I really am!

“Keep it together, Victoria!” I whisper to myself as I walk into a room crowded with friends. I plaster on a smile the size of Texas hoping that it will cover up the look of vulnerability in my eyes so that no one can sense the pain I’m feeling!

A friend casually asks if I’m doing okay. I know she doesn’t actually want to know how I’m doing… it’s just a formal technicality.

“I’m doing awesomely!!” I lie as I hold two thumbs up to drive my point home. Inside I’m about to burst from emotions, but I don’t allow myself to show them.

Surely people would hate me if they saw the true me.

I’ve believed that lie for so long that it’s become part of my identity. But NO more! I’m on a quest to release the real Victoria that has been hidden by shame and guilt for so long, and let her shine. Even if some people really don’t like her. She’s who I really am!

The End

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