When the world becomes too noisy, when reality becomes irrelevant and condeming, when nobody understands your feelings; silence becomes your ally. Silence your wild thoughts, silence the world around you. Shut them out and create some silence in your soul. The words of the world are set heavy on your shoulder, the cries of injustice rings in your ears everyday, the weeps of the innocent are poignant in your mind. When the world becomes a world so dark to hear, silence will give you solace. Silence is simple, it is always present, it is the absence of sound. Tempest resides in your heart, confusion reigns your mind the only solution is clearing yourself from sounds and enter into the joy of silence. Listen to the rain splash on the window, watch the drop slowly slide down your window pane, watch for the clouds dissipate in the presense of the sun all of this in silence. When you learn to quiet your mind, you will learn to listen to nature, to find solutions to your problems. Become silent for a moment and you will discover a whole new world talking and singing their delightful song to your ears. One rule for life is: learn to listen, before talking.

The End

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