Raini looked up to her sister Ella. Ella fell into a coma and doesn't remember anything, now she's shipped off to somewhere to get her remembering basic things from alphabet, reading, writing, anf family, friends and clothing. A story-poem about all this, don't be too judgy and too much opinion is not invited. Enjoy, worked hard!

Miss You

I look,

at our memories.

I ask Mom sadly,

will she be back?

All I've seen is nightmares,

Between me and Ella.

She's gone, she's shipped away,

All of the memories burned,

I want to loose my memory,

to see her, but never remember.

The Crash

All she remembers,

Is the yellow lights and crash,

And when they tested her eyesight,

with a light,

she started screaming and kicking.

Dad is dead,

Mom is crying nonstop,

I'm afraid that It'll happen again,

and Mom will not remember me.


People ask me,

Are you alright?

Where is your sister now?

I tell them she left for Virgina,

to a school to get her memory back.

They want to see the pictures,

They tell me about the ones in the news.

I've gone bonkers over my life,

I'll loose my memory if I need to.

The Loss

I hit myself with hammers,

I've tripped real hard.

I've tried to loose my memory,

it finally happened.

I found a scene girl,

but didn't remember,

she waved hello,

and we made friends.

We were friends forever,

and retreived our memory together.

She told me after our memories returned,

Raini, its Ella. I'm now a normal person.

I have glasses now, I lost my sight.

I think you see me now.



The End

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