Eleven Eleven

A script I wrote for school; unfortunately, the film never got finished.

Scene: 1
(Black screen as titles run.)

Mark (v.o.)
They say the worst form of torture is watching the one you love love somebody else.

(Fade up. Lucy and Paul sit close together on a low stone wall, kissing. close up on each one respectively as Mark talks about them.)

This is my torturer, the beautiful Lucy, and this, her favorite instrument: Paul.

(Slow move in on Mark, sitting on a park bench not too far away. The sun is just above setting, the romantic time of the summer afternoon just around 6:30.)

I've had a crush on Lucy since the 7th grade; she's been with Paul since 8th. Every day I must endure watching them, waist deep in something I will never have: love.

(Lucy and Paul walk by, swinging hands.)

Hey, Mark! Didn't see you there.

Hi, Lucy! I saw you two sitting there and I thought you looked really-

(They're gone.)

...pretty today.

(Cut to: street ext. twilight. Mark is walking home.)

They also say be careful what you wish for.

(Cut to Mark's bedroom int. night. Extreme close-up on clock. 11:11 pm.)

What a load of bunk.

(He covers the clock face so he won't see it after he makes his mistake - er, wish. He kneels by the bed, hands clenched together, eyes tight shut, tears welling up.)

I wish that Paul was gone so I could have Lucy all to myself.

(He repeats the wish over and over as we pan back to the clock, which now reads 6:30 am. Mark is slowly shaken awake by his mother.)

Scene: 2

Mark, honey, wake up.

What's wrong, mom?

MOM (v.o.)
(Fade to ext. street, night. Paul is walking around outside in pajamas. He appears dazed, as if he's not completely controlling himself.)

We need to talk. You know your friend Lucy's boyfriend, Paul?


Honey... Mark was hit by a drunk driver last night.
(POV shot of a car speeding straight for the camera; Cut to black at the last second. Silence; then:)

He's dead.

(Mark begins to breathe heavily, shocked - or elated? his mom hugs him, "comforting" him.)

I know, sweetheart, it's awful. His mother broke down, she's a mess. It's so sad...

(She wipes her own tears away as the camera circles around her to show Mark's deranged smile spreading from ear to ear.)

Scene: 3
Cut to: ext. school day

(Back to school. Mark spies Lucy sitting by herself, sobbing hysterically. She is on the low stone wall from the beginning of the film. Mark walks over to her, barely hiding his smile.)

Lucy, I heard what happened, I'm so sorry.

(He sits next to her and she wraps her arms around his neck, sobbing into his shoulder. He smiles since she can't see it and hugs her.)

It's horrible, Mark! What was he thinking?!

(She trails off into sobs.)

It'll be okay, I'm sure he's in a better place. I'm here, it's okay.

(She lets go of him, sniffling, and wipes her nose.)

I don't even understand what he was doing out at eleven at night!

It's crazy. I'm so sorry, Lucy. If you ever need anything, I'm right here for you.

*sniffles* Thank you, Mark.

(She tries to smile, but she just can't. He looks around, trying to think of a way to cheer her up.)

...You like ice cream?


Do you like ice cream? Let me buy you a cone, okay?

(She smiles uneasily and nods, wiping her last tears away.)

Scene: 4
(Mark tries everything he can think of to lift Lucy's spirits, but nothing really helps, although she does appear to build an uneasiness around Mark; She actually appears to grow even more depressed as time goes on. One night he decides enough is enough, it's time to tell her how he feels.)

Uhm... Lucy?

Yes, Mark?

This isn't probably the best time to tel you this, seeing as what happened, but I thought we'd been getting to be really close, so--

What is it Mark?

Lucy, I... I love you.

(The words are hard to get out. The silence is even harder to take in.)


It's okay, I know it's a bad time, just... just think about it. Consider it. I think you'd like it.

Mark! I don't like you!

But... I love you.

(She begins to cry. As she goes on it turns into overwhelmed sobbing.) Mark, I don't feel anything for you! We can be friends, but that's it! I loved Paul, more than I could ever love anybody else, and that includes you, Mark! I can't even think about another relationship right now! How dare you!?


You thought you finally got your big chance, huh, Mark? Well you know what? You missed it. Goodbye, Mark. Don't bother calling me again.

(She angrily hangs up the phone and throws it across the room. mark very slowly lays down on his bed and cries himself to sleep, shaking slightly. Lucy collapses into a fit, wailing from the unbearable weight of it all. She finally picks herself up and very slowly walks down the hallway to the kitchen. From her POV she stares at the knife block on the counter. Our last shot of Lucy is an extreme close-up of one bloodshot eye and one single tear.)

Scene: 5
Cut to: int. bedroom early morning

(Extreme close-up on the clock again. 6:30 am. A single ray of light lands on Mark's face as his mother opens the door. He is still in the fetal position he fell asleep in. His eyes open wide in a rather disconcerting close-up.)

(Through tears) Mark. (He does not say a word.) It's Lucy. *sigh* She just couldn't take losing Paul...

(From a bird's eye view Mark curls up even tighter into his fetal position, an obsessive lover and accidental double-murderer. And still alone.)

The End

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