Eldritch Christmas Carols

A belated Christmas gift to and from my head, and perhaps to yours as well. A new installment to my Eldritch parody series.

As you may not know, eldritch abominations love Christmas too.  When the aura of cheeriness and happy songs and goodwill towards men fills out insignificant little blue planet, sometimes, on a whim, the nameless messengers of madness will *forget* to use the ingredients to their favorite holiday foods, such as Blaspheme Eggnog or a nice ham marinated in Existential Dread.

Even Bob, (unpronouncable) host and cook at the critically-aclaimed Eldritch Cooking Show, knows that one can always work with a substitute, even if it tastes a little weird.  Not that any of them would care.

And the same goes with carols.  Absorbing the Christmas Spirit through their numerous tentacular feelers, my beloved horrors, and those bound to them, will begin to sing.  And we will listen.  And laugh-sob-scream.  And just for a moment, remember that in their own way, they all really love us.

To death.

They have only a smidgen of an idea what Christmas means to us mortals, but at least they tried, eh?  These are now available on FeedMeRom disks, and in morbid hallucinations near you.

The End

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