E20 MonologueMature

This is what I want to submit for a soap spin off.

INT: Ladies toilets

Rachel has been crying in the ladies toilets for a while. SHANNON has entered the toilets after searching for her for half an hour after they had an arguement, she can see Rachel's shoes under the door. Rachel found out earlier on that SHANNON is pregnant with her boyfriend Marcus's baby and ran off, what SHANNON doesn't know is that Rachel has taken ecstasy tablets and has collapsed. SHANNON is sobering up a little after being drunk.

SHANNON: Rach I know you're in there, Rach! Talk to me, please. (She bangs on the door, the room remains silent). You have every right to be angry....I'm not proud of myself. I suppose you want to know how long ago it took place, all the dirty details? I suppose you want to know what I was wearing? You always want to know what I wear, then you turn up wearing something more...revealing...there's more that gets a mans heart than a womans cleavage love. Rach let me in! (Bangs upon the door again).

Marcus came up to my room feeling dreadful...he'd lost his job, you know that? He was afraid to talk to you because now he wouldn't be able to provide you with everything you'd asked for. He's a good man Rach! He needed me. It's difficult for a woman like me to feel needed, all men want from me is to do the deed and that's it! He told me that I'm beautiful. Most of the time its...'Shannon's gorgeous', 'Shannon's hot', 'Shannon's got a nice pair of titties on her she does'. It touched me to have a man to call me beautiful. Then that's when it started to take place, before I knew it we had our tongues in our mouths, he was ripping my clothes off....I thought you'd be out by now, come on slap me or something Rach!

There was a man asking about you just after you left. Quite a looker he was. In fact he was definitely your type. Don't you wanna know what he said Rachel? He said you looked terrific, he'd never seen a babe like you. That must be quite flattering eh Rach? Rach? You can't stay in there forever. (LONG PAUSE, SHANNON Sighs) I know you're in there Rach! 

(SHANNONS phone vibrates, she looks at a message on the screen which reads 'Meet me babe by the smoking area' the text is from a bloke named Stu) Rach, I'm not going until you come out...the place closes in an hour. I'll climb up if I have to. I'm not joking. I'll give you one minute, if you aren't out by then I'll come in. (Begins a countdown) 59...58...57...56.....Rachel we've been friends forever, we've had our ups and downs but we've always managed to get through them, this is just obstacle in our way, OK its more than that.... (Growing anxious by the lack of communication, SHANNON is starting to become tearful) I'm so so sorry, I understand that you're going to find it hard, seeing me carrying Marcus's baby for....6 months....please come out Rachel....say something....do something, give it your best shot! (Screaming and banging on the door) Rachel! (Resumes her countdown) 3...2...1.....I'm coming now. (She holds her hands on the top of the cubicle door and struggled to pull herself up. She walks towards a bin and picks it up, lays it infront of the cubicle door and stands upon it, her heel brakes.) Damn it! (She takes her heels off, throws the broken heel aimlessly and climbs on the bin again. She looks over the cubicle door.) RACHEL! OH MY GOD, RACHEL, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!

The End

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