E forms warm droplets in the shower.

E is for 'empty'.

A feeling is only inside your head.
It has no bearing on reality.
It means nothing to the universe at large.
There is no greater meaning.  
There's only the meaning we give to ourselves.


E flows down to the drain in streams.

E is for 'elusive'.

I wish I wasn't so serious. 
Bliss is elusive to the intelligent and ponderous.
They love my work.
"Incredible" or even "genius".
Some good it does me.

Black Sheep.

E is for 'erase'.

Erase her.

But you can't, can you?  
You never could.
You can't ignore a question that hasn't been answered.
You can't erase your memories.
You are just a man.

No, a boy.

A boy and his mind means nothing to the universe at large.


E is what I hide in plain sight.

E is for 'empty'.

The End

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