Drunk black out storiesMature

    I had just got back from a mind opening adventure through BC and Alberta, I didn't do a lot of drugs or anything, I just learned a lot about what I could do in the world and how big and amazing the world truly is. I actually hadn't done much drinking or too much weed smoking the whole time I was there.

    Anyway I had been back about a week or so when I went to a party with my buddy Sean. I only knew a couple of people at this party, but still was having a great time. I was pretty tired however, and even though I wasn't actually drinking that much, I guess between being really tired and drinking fast enough, I could feel my consiousness starting to slip away. Sure enough it did. One minute I'm hanging out having a great time at a party, then all of a sudden I find myself hanging out in Sean's car talking with him. Just as I'm fully coming too. He say's

"Alright well, I'm gonna head back into the party."

"Sweet lets go!" I replied

"No man you have to stay here, you can't come back in there!"

"What!? What the fuck are you talking about!? Why the hell can't I go back to the party!?"

"Cause man! Everyones fucking pissed at you!"

"Why the Fuck!!!? Is everyone pissed at me!? What could I have possibly done! To piss everyone off!??"

I questioned as I truly had no idea, and only remembered good things from the party. Sean replied as if it has been the 50th time he's explained it to me that night.

"You fucking pissed all over the living room and on some guys key board!!"

I could not believe it. never have I ever done anything that embarassing while drunk. I honestly felt like it was some kind of conspiracy or mind control attack. Apparently I passed out on the couch, and then later when everyone was out of the room I got up and pissed right on the carpet and on someone's computer keyboard. Then they kicked me out of the house.  Needless to say, I'v seriously cut down my drinking since then, and I never black out from drinking anymore.

I dare anyone to top this story with one of their own.


The End

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