Natures Resources. (DP 3)

Drue removed a small hatchet from her bag and began pruning the suckers from a nearby tree.  The weak branches were quite flexible and would make an excellent substitution for strapping and rope when she started constructing her living quarters and needed fortifications.  

She moved swiftly from tree to tree, adding branches to the heaping pile of natural material. When it seemed like she had gathered enough, she flew up and began tugging at the massive vines of a large Banyan Tree. High within its branches she stretched the vines out in all directions creating the frame of a building that resembled a small circus tent. Then she tied the framework in place using the tender limbs from her new stockpile, crisscrossing and tying the remaining branches onto the structure for added support.

The second sun was high in the mid morning sky when she stopped and returned to the ground for a breakfast of the strange purple fruit and a quarter of the unleavened bread that she had stowed away in her bag. She welcomed the chance to rest but would not allow herself to sleep until her place of refuge was complete. Being caught unaware upon the ground by an animal savaging for food was a poor way to start her new life in this strange land.

After taking time to rejuvenate, she made the necessary adjustments to protect her dwelling from the elements. She wove palm fronds into the thick vine framework and stuffed the holes with moss. She then constructed the roof by sewing together and securing layers of waxy leaves cut from enormous banana plants. The unique building materials made the ceiling impervious to the sun’s rays and inclement weather.

With the first structure nearing completion, Druesilla stood on the ground looking up at the beginnings of what would be her new home. The cottage was completely camouflaged by the dense foliage. She smiled to herself, her mother would have been proud.  She packed her belongings back into her canvas bag, flew up into the dwelling, and hung the load on an unruly branch before returning to the ground again.

Drusilla’s wild long black locks were drenched in sweat and stuck fast to her pale freckle dappled skin. She used the back of her hand wipe her forehead and pull the hair away from her face exposing a pair of intensely deep sea green eyes. She sighed, it had been a productive day but she needed to wash up before she could lie down to sleep.  Water was one resource that she didn’t have, but that she knew must be near given the healthy condition of some of the more sensitive plants.

She moved further off to the west careful to mark her trail and not wanting to become lost within the wood.  She went on this way walking and marking for about a hundred yards before she heard the first trickles of water upon the rocks. Moving closer she saw the thin line of runoff that lead to a single bubbling spring just a few feet ahead. 

Relieved, she sat down on the volcanic rock that lined the small pool and removed her shoes. The temperature sent chills down her spine as she immersed her blistering feet one after the other into its soothing cool waters. Thankful for such a find Drue removed the rest of her clothes, placed them alongside her shoes, and sank into the clear transparent waters. 

She could have spent the remainder of the day happily soaking away her worries, but she needed rest.  So she heaved her slender form out of the water and lay out on the rocks allowing the sun to warm her body and dry out the saturated feathers of her wings.  The scenic sounds of the water pushing against the rocks added to her relaxed state. Her eyes fluttered once, then again and suddenly without warning she was asleep.

The End

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