A Wasteland? - Sigh- (DP 2)

Druesilla plummeted, feeling the rush of wind pushing against the features of her face. Her descent was riddled with both exultant thoughts of freedom and the fear of the unknown. At peace with her decision, she composed herself and unfurled two beautifully feathered rose colored wings. Gliding along on the winds she allowed herself to be steadily lowered through the mass of billowy white clouds hoping to find solid ground below.

At last she saw it. Not the lush green grass filled lands her mother had told her about, but a blaringly bright sun setting in a burnt orange sky. She blinked again and again attempting to clear her vision and expel the tears from her eyes.  She looked below, the ground, a mix of dirt and rock was coming up fast. She searched for an area free of the sharp jagged edges of the rocky landscape and prepared to land.

Her technique was flawless, and her tiny feet met the ground without incident.  Druesilla examined the terrain and shook her head. A wasteland, she had left one depressing situation just to land herself in another, only this one was of her own making which was even more disheartening.

Standing around sulking under the last rays of the setting sun would do nothing to change her current circumstances.  So she folded her wings, adjusted the large bag on her shoulder, and set off. Her decision to head West had little to do with desire and more to do with practicality. She would travel Westward using what little light there was left to make it as far from her present location as possible.

She’d walked in twilight for what felt like an hour before the rocky dirt terrain began to change. Clumps of grasses began to sporadically appear. As she walked on, she saw the first of the trees, small in stature and bearing a soft purple fruit. She reached high above her head and plucked one from the tree, split it in half and smelled the tantalizing aroma. Though not a species, she was familiar with, it seemed harmless enough and she drank in its juices. Her thirst now quenched, she continued on.

With the lands drenched in darkness, a second sun was born in the East and cast a feeble light on the wooded area in which she now found herself. Trees bearing mysterious fruits, nuts and flowers were appearing in ever increasing frequency, until Druesilla found herself surrounded.  She bent down and scooped up a handful of black soil. The land here was workable and rich in nutrients so it would be here that she would make her home.

The End

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