Druesilla Phoenyx - A Supporting Character Depiction. (DP 1)

A character depiction for my new friend from the U.K., Gabriel Black-Lightening.
Why? For no other reason then I felt like it. =)
Think of it as an exercise in character development.
Happy Writing,

Druesilla Phoenyx, is a young woman shrouded in mystery. 


She was little more than sixteen when the palace guards had come to take her mother away. The two had been living together in a modest home on the East Side of Paradise. Raven Phoenyx had been an excellent gardener and although their accommodations were meager, they wanted for very little. The tiny family was content in their vegetarian lifestyle and kept to themselves, finding no need to seek out the company of others.

Raven had sent Drue to the root cellar for onions only minutes before the guards arrived. The soldiers never knocked they just kicked in the door. Raven had been preparing the evening meal and was shucking corn at the sink.  Drue heard her mother  scream in surprise, obviously startled by the soldiers entry but she heard little else and remained hidden deep within the confines of her dirt cave. The seizure of the members of the lower classes were becoming more prevalent, though no one seemed to know what Her Majesty wanted with them or what fate awaited those who were taken.

Raven was not a foolish woman, she knew that someday the guards would come for her. She had seen it in a vision and had faith in her intuitive abilities. She had prepared Druesilla for the fateful day, by teaching her the skills of a master gardener. Drue learned how to find wild fruits and seeds, how to prepare the ground for planting, and how to tend and harvest a crop.  She was drilled in the arts of storage and preparation until Raven was sure that no matter what fate awaited her young daughter she would not go hungry.  

But that wasn’t all the knowledge Raven had to offer. She told the tales of beautiful angels who committed crimes against the crown worn by a spiteful queen and were exiled for mere minor infractions. How these angels were brutally stripped of their wings, paraded through the streets and pushed off the Cliffs of Exile that lay just outside the northern gates of the city. She recited visions of another place, a place of exile, a land of varying landscapes where the fallen dwelled.

She also taught Druesilla the arts of a thief.   Drue's patriarchal linage had made her different and it was imperative that she know how to blend in with her surroundings and mimic the characteristics of those who inhabited them. Although it was impossible to tell what fate awaited Drue, Raven felt sure she was destined for something more.  

Every day had provided an opportunity for yet another lesson, until student surpassed teacher; and then it happened. Her mother was gone, dragged off by those charged with keeping peace and order in the lands of a sadistic queen.  Druesilla had waited until nightfall and then emerged from her cave under cover of darkness. She entered her dwelling and gathered supplies, placing clothing and dried seeds of various fruits and vegetables into a large canvas bag. Then she added a few tools of her trade and what food she could fit into the remaining space.  Finally determining she had gathered all the items that she could manage to carry, she slung the bag over her shoulder and left her childhood home for the last time.

Druesilla had stealthily made her way through the streets careful to remain hidden in the shadows. She kept moving from alley to alley until she neared the Northern most guard tower which was located on the more affluent side of town. Luckily, the posted guard was asleep. His insubordination did not pose any problems for her and so she was able to leave town unnoticed. She had followed the road leading out of the city until she had arrived at the Cliff’s of the Exiled.  Then she climbed the dark grey shale and looked over the ledge for just a moment before doing what others in Paradise would have considered the unthinkable, she jumped.

The End

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