Drop Your Greed

Metal song about how there are people dying out there but still we are greedy and rely on buying things we don't need

And who are you to choose
Who lives or dies
But still you kill them off
Hold it all into your chest
Cause it's all yours

Hold your dirty money
The blood is on your hands
You kill them off
Why stand here
Leave them on their own

We are the chosen ones
We can help the nearly dead
Get up, and stand up for their lives
They don't deserve to die

Leave your life behind you
Swap it for their existence
Try to last a single day
Oh you won't last an hour

Hold your greed and let them die
Cause you don't know them, it doesn't happen
Think you can put it off another day?
Think again my friend

I'm sick of you
Your greedy lives
Stuffed with things not needed
Give the ones who live on nothing
A chance to eat for once

Why do you still live like this?
I asked one
He looked at me with painfilled eyes
"They haven't helped me yet"

They haven't helped me yet

They haven't helped me yet

Give them a chance, and drop your greed

The End

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