Dreams and Aspirations of 2010

Dreams and aspirations cross my thoughts all the time and I often didn't share them with anyone until now. Aspire with my consciousness through the year 2010.

Another year gone, and another year has come. The year is 2010, another year once again I am using to strive for excellence, to live up to my own expectations. My expectations are very high and this story is my guide. Every time my imagination conceives of a higher state of living, all of my energy goes for it. This is my Dreams and Aspirations of 2010.


The new year celebration has gone by as I found no one to celebrate it with. This is a foreign country I live in I have got to start making some good friends..but not just that. I need to start setting daily agendas to interact with the world and then friends will come all on their own. That's it then. I will start doubling my efforts to learn the language of this country even though this is a temporary setting and I will return to the United States in a few years.

Just learning a language won't be enough though. I have to go and build a life out here. Create a foundation of good strength and integrity. I have to perform the labor for this before anything good comes out of it..I know what I want, I just don't know what to use to build it with nor do I know what to do first. All I know is it starts with me. This is my future.

The new year also marks three years from the last girl I dated which only lasted 6 months. I'm a failure with the ladies right now. I feel that once I am on track with daily agenda that is becoming of a man that this will fall into place with everything else. I just can't help but feel less than a man at times, less than human. This is something I refuse to fall short at, this is my god given birthright. My time is now.


*MARCH EDIT - I was listening to some good ole country music today and got this incredible urge to buy some land out in the country. Maybe this one should wait till I get married?! I can at least save money in the bank or maybe even purchase gold to save for buying land and a home someday. This is already making me think more cautiously about saving my money.

The End

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