Wow, a whole month has gone.

Never mind.

This is a dream I had last night. It is quite an odd  one.
People in it: Hugh Dennis (comedian), Peter Pan (yes, the cartoon!), Prisoner zero (New doctor who), the lady from Ghost Town (something like Lea someone... i think.I will just call her Lea for the sake of it).
Its set in a beautiful cave, that bit reminded me of night at the museum. I don't know why we are there but me and all the other people I just mentioned are there apart from Prisoner Zero.
It was an expedition. Hugh was being funny and making jokes while we walked around. None of us really cared what we were doing there, execpt Lea, who liked looking at the fossils in the walls and stuff.

Suddenly we saw a light in front and ran towards it. It was like an exhibition at a musieum, lots of rocks holding up fossils in glass. There was also Prisoner Zero. The blueish snake twirled round the fossils and up to the ceiling, there it stayed as it said, "We declare war!" And slithered off. Soon after he came back. We had to get him out, but he had brought along friends: Zombies.
The zombies banged on the door as we held it against them. Hugh said something hilarious and we all collapsed on the floor. Prisoner Zero came in the room. He (somehow) shut the door behind him and the zombies knew not to try and get in while their boss was in there.
"I want to join your team!" He whispered. "The zombies are plotting against me!" He cautiosly looked to the door. Looking through the window of the small door, was the guy from scary movie 1. His long white face mask scaring the hell out of me. In his right hand he held up a hook, a sharp long, curved hook. He melted through the door and smiled.
"Oh no!" I thought. But he went out, just like that. He stood behind the door waiting for something. I walked up to the door and looked through the window. He wasn't there.

I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. It grew until I looked down, a hook was going through my stomach. I didn't really feel that much pain, until the man laughed inside his costume. I gasped.

Then I woke up...

The End

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