NEVER draw eyes on curtains

For this one you kinda have to know my house. Well we have a spare room with a double bed in. It normally has patchy curtains but in my dream it had yellow stripy ones. Downstairs we have a MASSIVE dining almost hall, with marble floor. I have this friend called Jessie and she has this friend called Haylee they are both in the dream... I am sometimes in the dream... if you know what I mean... When I say SWITCH it means I switch views like one SWITCH is when i am me, then the next in when I can look upon myself. Ok here goes, (i might not remember some of it, sorry!)

I was looking at Jessie and Haylee, they were in the spare room, wondering around the small room.
'Im bored. What do you want to do?' Jessie said, stroking the curtains. Haylee ignored her. Jessie had a pen, a permanent marker. She drew a large eye on the yellow curtain, very high up. Complete with eyelashes and everything. Haylee went over to look. They smiled at each other, then Haylee realised that Jessie had drawn on someone elses curtain. She got a bit of white paper and tried to cover it up. The glue she used to stick the paper wouldn't work.
I went into the room while they were trying to cover up the eye.
I tried to cover it up too.
'Jessie... Why did you draw it so high?' I couldn't reach it.

Somehow now everyone was on a search for something, everyone was looking for it, me, Jessie, Haylee even my brothers. We ran up and down the stairs screaming with laughter and fear. If my mum were to find out she would kill us.
We ran back into the room.
I could see myself and I was glad I wasn't in my body for that time. For the eye had moved. It was lower down and looking at us. Suddenly my mum came in, although, it wasn't my mum. It was her features and looked exactly like her, execpt she was too angry, she was my demon mum. She not only yelled at us while I was watching, she devouered us/them.
It was scary to see myself being eaten by my demon mum. (wow thats a weird sentence)

The End

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