This is another dream of mine. It is about a skeleton, this is quite a scary dream. (It might not be when you read it but it was when I dreamed it.)

So, here goes.

I have a friend called India, well actually we don't speak now because I moved house but never mind.
India and I were in this room it was a very big room, with white walls and no way out. Suddenly a maze built itself around us, India found a bit of paper saying what we needed to do, we needed to get to the middle of the maze, to get the key which would show us the way out but we had to do it before a skeleton did. He was also after the key and us, he was trying to kill us.

We ran for ages around the white walls of the maze. Every now and then a window would appear in the wall and at one point we saw the skeleton, staring back at us with no eyes.
We ran and ran, we couldn't see any way of getting us where we needed to be. The skeleton suddenly jumped in front of us, scaring us out of our skin. We turned around and ran the other way, the skeleton was not chasing us. I thought that odd, but I realised we had just passed an open space so I turned back with India and ran into the doorway.

The large space had only two entrances, the one we were standing in, and the one the skeleton was standing in. It was like before a boxing match, the two corners sizing each other up.

In the middle of the room I noticed was a small round table, there was a large (and I mean LARGE) key floating above it. We all ran to it at the same time, but I got there first, (woo go me) and it revealed a series of doors through all the walls to the exit.

Me and India (I know thats bad grammer) ran through the doors and....

I woke up.

The End

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