This is a story of all my weird and scary dreams, each chapter is a new dream.
There is a whole varity of dreams.
Anyone can add their funniest or scariest dreams!
My ones are usually quite funny or random.

This is my first chapter so obviously my first dream. I think I will tell you about my Gordon Brown dream first.

So, I was at my school with my friends, Harriet, Sam and Rebecca. We were doing sport. Our teacher was standing on a huge bench and calling out to all of us, 'There is a tresure hunt! Pair up and go!' she yelled, her blonde hair swaying in the cold wind.
Sam and Rebecca teamed up and went off on their own, leaving me and Harriet to be paired. So we set off. Then, even though we were miles from it, we were in the large field behind the school.
'Right. C'mon Amy.' Harriet is always impatient, (even in dreams). So I said that I don't know what we are meant to be looking for because all we were given as a clue was:
Birds of a feather, stay together.
I couldn't work this out so Harriet stormed off towards the pond near the edge of the field.
Suddenly I remembered something from ages ago. I ran to the school building and somehow ran into my bedroom in my house. The curtains were shut so I opened them quickly, but I saw a dead bluetit bird on the windowsill and I saw a robot bluetit fluttering against the window. I grabbed them both in my hand and I was suddenly handing them to our sports teacher. We had won the treasure hunt!

We walked to the sports centre and a man from doctor who was standing holding the door open for us.
'Thank you' I said to him.
He was looking at me funny. Then he said, 'Dont thank me, I wasn't doing it for you. I was taking a command from the minister.'
He pointed to the cafe. There was Gordon Brown drinking a small cup of hot chocolate. He called us over and gave us a cup of coffee each.

Then we (btw when I say we from now on I mean me and Harriet) went downstairs to the changing rooms and instead of changing rooms there was a MASSIVE toy shop that was like the Waterstones in London near Hamleys but with toys instead.

We walked around but soon enough I lost Harriet, it had lots of floors and the whole school was there (thats 1000 people) so I lost her in the crowds.

I didn't worry, nothing could happen to her. Then this little boy of about 7 came up to me and said, 'I wanna show you what toy I got!' He pulled my hand and dragged me off to a box on the ground which had loads of bubblegum balls in and a few pink guns. I said 'What are those guns about?' He answered me, 'I have the gun and you shoot gumballs into peoples mouths.' He gave me a demonstation, he picked up a gun and fired it to everyone. Just before it hit them they opened thier mouths and caught them.

Then unfortunatly I woke up.

The End

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