Immortal Mansion

So, I think this dream came about because I plan on going into archaeology as a profession, and I was thinking romance thoughts last night before I went to bed. So yes, I had this one just barely, and I'm writing it down before it gone! I seriously enjoyed this dream, and I'm still super upset about how I didn't get to finished it. 


I was in the desert (on a horse with no name), surrounded by ruins. I don't really know whose ruins they were, but they were cool. So I start digging, and then random people start showing up. These guys were immortal, for whatever reason, and they never stopped trying to hinder my progress. Not in the violent way, but in a way that was super annoying. It was like having a toddler say they want to help, but they end up messing up the entire operation. 

Also, for some odd reason, I was alone in my excavation. 

Anywho, I eventually found a door into a mansion that was in perfect condition! The immortals around me were a little worried, but they went scarce after we spotted a group of not so nice people coming our way. I stayed however, because I really really wanted to get inside the mansion. 

There was this lady in charge of the group of mean looking people. They wanted in to kill whatever was inside and steal all the treasure. But they couldn't get in without my help. Being an archaeologist, I almost went all Indiana Jones on them, but decided to secretly help who, or whatever, was inside the mansion. 

So we get inside. The lady in charge, let's call her Phillis, always had me at her side. The mansion was dark, and all her thugs immediately split up into groups that were soon picked off by whatever was living in the mansion. I soon found out that there was a man living there, an immortal too! 

I don't recall how he found out I wasn't with the group of jerks, but every time a trap went off, I wasn't harmed. Don't know how Phillis never noticed that either, or why she came to trust me. Strange people.

This dream is frustratingly fuzzy, but somehow I got split from Phillis, and I figured this was my chance to find the immortal guy, let's call him Axel, and I slipped into a room and waited. Eventually, he found me. 

He was tall, and had dark curly hair. Very handsome, and had dark blue eyes. This is when the dream gets a little spicy. 

I really wish I could remember what we said, because I know it was absolutely pure gold banter, and very flirtatious. 

Well, one thing led to another, and he started slowly kissing my neck. Basically, we couldn't keep our hands off each other, and it was a very dark room. However, before anything other than kissing could happen, we were sadly interrupted when Phillis opened the door. 

With our arms around each other, it looked pretty incriminating. Her face was a mix of betrayal and shock. 

"We were partners, how could you do this to me?" she yelled, infuriated. I was speechless, but Axel spoke for me. 

"Her intentions weren't the same as yours," he stood with his arm around my waist, quite securely. Phillis burst with anger and started chasing us. Holding hands, we ran through the halls of the mansion. Apparently I was too slow, so he picked me up, but somehow Phillis was catching up with us. 

We ran into a room, and as we heard Phillis run past and then-

That's when my alarm went off. I really really wish I could have seen how it ended!

The End

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