Disney Dance

Don't know where to pinpoint this dream, but I have been on a Disney Binge lately, so it does make sense. Though I haven't seen Cinderella in ages, so I don't know why I was the embodiment of her. 


I guess you could say this dream was like watching a Pixar short about the clumsiest girl ever. Tripping over her shoes constantly, but always putting them back on, and keeping a lovely blue dress in her car at all times. Whole dream was like watching her in her endeavors the whole night. 

Maybe you haven't noticed yet, but this is me in the dream. 

Yes, I was basically Cinderella. No, I didn't have a Prandsome Hince, but I most certainly did drop a lot of slippers. Or, slop lots of drippers. It's moments like this when I realize why I don't have a prince yet. 

There was this huge competition or something going on in the school I was at. Fashion thing or whatever, but I was super stoked about it for whatever reason, in real life I dislike dresses. Anywho, I run outside to my car where my dress is, because the thing is about to start soon and all the other princesses are doing it. So, being a Cinderella in shoes, running up stairs, my shoes flew off my feet (I feel like a witch cursed me as a baby or something) and I tripped, ruining my dress because it was under me when I landed, and toppled down the steps. 

I ran to the drama department for some closure and sewing materials, when one of my friends and another friend hands me the maid outfit that Cinderella wore in the movie. I was skeptical, but the thing was about to start. So I pull it on, and run out on stage where all the other princesses are in their iconic dresses, while I'm in my rags.

Needless to say, I didn't win. But, this does end on a high note!

My friend that handed me my dress basically swept me off my feet at the dance afterwards. It was utter perfection, never have I danced so excellent! In the dream, it felt like a legitimate dream, it was so amazing and happy. Surprised the song "So this is Love" wasn't playing!

After we stopped dancing, much to my dismay, the clock struck twelve and I woke up! 

The End

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