Magical Sword

No idea where this dream came from. But it seems to have many elements from many things. I was up in my Grandparents house in Montana (Bitterroot area) when I had this dream a few days ago. 


I was a magical sword that could turn into a human at will. I must say, I was a beautifully crafted weapon of awesome destruction. My hilt was straight and bound with gold wire, and the accessory to help protect the hand (the guard) was gold with jewels decorating it stylishly, and curved gracefully. I think my metal was something like Damascus steel, but of course, magical. Sadly, only one person could wield me, and she was a pacifist. Thankfully though, I could fight for myself for the most part, but I couldn't unleash my true potential without her. Kinda weird, watching a sword fight for itself, floating up in the air. No, I'm serious, that's what it was like. 

From what I remember, I was searching for this girl so that we could defeat the evil in the world together; i.e, a dragon. I was very desperate to not wake up this dragon, because he would wreck havoc on the plane I was trying very hard to protect. I don't know how long I spent looking for the girl, but it certainly felt like eternity. I might have been immortal because I was a sword. A magical sword!

Eventually, I found her and she refused any kind of fighting whatsoever. I pestered her and pestered her, but she never gave in. She was a very strong willed woman, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I actually ended up tricking her to come with me, can't remember how, but in the end I got her to wield me. 

How we accidentally woke up the dragon, was kinda weird really. I was practically dragging her behind me to the dragon's lair/portal to the lair. There were other people there, observing the very large purple portal (sounds like Minecraft right?) and blocking it off to "civilians". Maybe the girl was someone of importance, or I fibbed my way in, I have no idea, but we got near the portal anyhow. 

My magical aura, or whatever, resonated with the doorway and let out a shock wave. Knocking people over, cracking stone and concrete, you name it. A big claw came out of the portal and struck me down. Then the whole dragon crawled it's way out of it's realm of darkness.

He was terrifying. More scary than any dragon I've encountered (and that's a lot by the by). 

Here's the final battle before I woke up:

The dragon had awakened, but I was present with the girl in tow. I turned into a sword and blocked all his attacks, which only got stronger and stronger as I got weaker. Fire and stone was flying everywhere. She was behind me screaming herself hoarse, me yelling at her to just hold my handle (that sounded weird) and I'll take care of the rest. This went on and on, until I was almost done for. I can't remember what I said, but it was inspiring enough for her to stand up and grip my hilt. To which, I totally just vanquished this dragon in a few blows. 

It was like a burst of light when she wrapped her hand around the grip, closed her eyes and swung down. I was already awesome without her, but when we joined, it was amazing! I distinctly remember me, the blade, burst into pieces, but acted like they were still one, and moved as one, creating gashes and cuts everywhere my shards were. Then when finished, it all came back to me and was a whole blade again. 

Exciting right?

The End

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