Fat Cats

Just barely had this dream. Not sure where it came from, but it's pretty fun! Pretty interesting too, considering. Lots of Star Wars things too. 


So I was special secret agent. And I had a team complied of various people, some of which I knew, like family and friends. And I was the captain! Our mission was to infiltrate a base that was controlling the world, or at least a majority of it with dictatorship stuff. I can't remember the plan we had, but I saw it all unfold though, with complications. 

So it was me and another agent were to go in there and retrieve another agent that has been there for years getting information. Funny enough, my partner was one of my real life friends, and we're actually dance partners in school, so we decided to get in through a dance competition. Needless to say, we got VIP access to the rest of the building we were in. We called our team outside the building (only VIPs could get in) and updated everything that happened. My partner kinda disappeared after this. I think we split up to cover more ground. I went up the building, he must have gone down. 

This is where it gets wacky. A cat was the dictator. I guess you could say he was.... a fat cat (hehe). But it later turned out that he was being controlled by a small group of super duper ugly sphynx cats. They were also small too, and incredibly smart. 

So I keep going up the stairs. And up more stairs. And even more stairs. Eventually, I reach an actual floor, and I go into the first room to find the agent. Kinda turned into a Star Wars: A New Hope moment, like when Luke went into the dungeon to rescue Leia. 

I run in, out of breath, and she looks at me like, "What." I hurriedly held out my hand and said, "I'm here to rescue you!" 

She smacked my hand away and said, "Seriously?" My pride got a little hurt, so I was thinking stuff like, "Can't believe this is the agent I'm risking my life for."

She filled me in on everything. And I think she was some kind of pop star? Not sure, but she reminded me of Katy Perry or someone like that. She wore super high heels. The plan she had made up was that she was on her way to sing for the fat cats, to distract them while I took them out. 

Apparently the fat cats, the sphynx cats, could only do what they did while they were in certain chairs that they never ever left, so it was my job to get them out of them. 

It gets kinda fuzzy, but she starts singing, and I'm running around getting all the cats. Man were they butt ugly. They figured out what we were doing, but they didn't stop us. In fact, they just taunted us most of the time. It took sometime, but we got them all. Right after the last one was out of it's chair, I woke up. 

The only cat I remember getting out of it's chair is this one that was laughing at me while I attempted to get another one out. There were various figurines around, so I grab a Darth Vader one and threw it as hard as I could at it. It knocked him out, thus putting him out of his chair. 

Pretty funny and wacky!

The End

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