Watcher in the Woods

As you can see from the title, this is my dream/nightmare after watching "Watcher in the Woods" for the first time. For those of you who don't know, it's a Disney movie. Personally, it's freaky, but it was made in the 60-70's. Honestly, I haven't watched it since my dream about it. Go and watch it though, I have it on good authority it's a good one. By the by, this happened before my Jurassic Park dream, so this is the first nightmare I vividly remember. 


All of this dream is from the view of someone other than me. I was actually watching myself from the woods. Don't know why I didn't do anything to stop what traumatic experience I'm about to have. So, me as the Watcher, watching myself. This dream still kinda freaks me out! But I'm watching from the woods, watching this huge, Gothic/Victorian style, beautiful house. Here's the dream:

I see my whole immediate family start exploring this house. (As a child I had lots of fears, this dream is a manifestation of quite a bit of them). I see this gigantic black bear start lumbering towards the house. 

Eventually, it kills my family and leaves me for last (I now know that this scenario is quite unlikely, as my dad is invincible). I watch myself frantically climb the house with great difficulty, while the bear is nonchalantly coming after me. I cannot stress how much this freaked me out. And kinda still does. 

I reach the top, and the bear pushes me off as soon as he gets to me. 

I wish I could describe it more fully, but as the years have gone by, I've forgotten chucks of it, sorry. And even remembering it gives me slight anxiety! 

The End

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