Poisoned Chopsticks

I love eating food with chopsticks. I have no idea how this dream came about, but it's pretty fun. I've been noticing that majority of the setting in all my dreams seem to have similar, well, settings. Metropolitan with small streets and wacky weather. 


I can't remember the beginning of the dream, but I do remember that I was some sort of detective, and someone was out to get me. 

I know this because my chopsticks were poisoned. Thankfully and sadly, someone else used my chopsticks before I did, and they died. I dream jumped, and I was in pursuit of the criminal in a high school, he had disguised himself as a student. 

Turns out, it was one of my real life friends who tried to poison me! No idea why is was this certain fella, because he's one of the nicest people I know (evil twin perhaps?). Anyway, I dream jumped, and I was running down a dark and snowy alleyway. Kinda felt like I was running through a "Moulin Rouge" area of town. Mostly because there were lots of women, and an open hot tub to whom ever wanted to jump in, in one of the alleys I was escaping into. 

So I run up to this couple in the hot tub, (It's snowy by the by, and there's thick fog around my knees, so I can't really see where I step) and I try to ask them where I am, but they look at me like I'm speaking a foreign language. Eventually, I give up on them, and go sit down on some stone steps. 

For some reason, I decided to take off my shoes. So, I did. 

To my very deep surprise, the whole ground was covered in one, giant white towel. I felt it over and over, trying to process it. 

I woke up when I said, "What??"

The End

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