Awakened Moon of Jupiter

Just barely had this dream. Not sure why I had it, but I think it's because of the game 'Destiny'. I haven't even played it, but I saw the opening scenes to it. And I was watching Van Helsing before I went to bed in spirit of Halloween~


For some reason, I was on a moon of Jupiter. I knew I was on a moon of Jupiter because when I looked up, I saw Jupiter. Don't know which moon it was, but I didn't need any science stuffs to breathe so that's super. Anyway, I was there with my family, I don't know the reason. Maybe a human convention. Surprisingly, not a lot of things were high tech. 

I don't remember how I got separated from my family, but I dream jumped to where I was lost in a maze like thing, but the maze itself was about three feet off the ground, so I could go under, but still lost. It was very dark and damp, seeming to go on forever. At night, these little frog things would come out. These were the scariest things out there because when they shot their tongues out, little mites/bugs would shoot out from their tongue and devour the thing they touched in a matter of seconds. 

Somehow, at night I wasn't touched by the frogs. They were deceivingly adorable too. I do remember my first encounter with them though. They would just shoot their tongues out at nothing, and the bugs would come out. The mites were everywhere! I was screaming and running trying to keep them off me. Thankfully I wasn't eaten. 

When it rained, it was like acid rain. There were other monsters in the maze too. One was so big, in some areas only it's fingers would fit, while I had plenty of room. Another was a giant wolf like creature. It had the head of a wolf and the body of a lion, but it resembled more of a werewolf. 

Sadly, I was introduced to these two monsters at the same time. While I was running from the huge claws of the first, the latter tried to corner me. 

It was the scariest thing of my life. The giant hand grasping for me constantly while this werewolf was stalking me and lunging at me. I don't know how I kept dodging, but I did. This was going on for a while, and the sun was going down. I was so panicked I had forgotten about the frogs and the rain. 

The light was fading fast, and the claws and grabbed the wolf-lion instead of me. It snarled at me. I was scrunched in the middle, barely out of reach of either of them. I looked up and saw the sky turning purple. I glanced over at the hand without the monster, and it began to shrivel rapidly. I quickly turned back to the other, and the werewolf was almost free from the equally shriveled claws. The mites from the frogs were eating it. 

Knowing that this was probably my final chance at living, I ran past the dead fingers. Then it began to rain. The water stung and burned. I heard the screams of the wolf behind me as it got eaten and burned by the rain. I rolled under a wall of the maze. 

I dream jumped again and I was in a meadow like place. I was trying to follow the road, but I kept losing it in the very tall and thick grass. There were all kinds of animals: lions, tigers and bears (oh my). At one point, I lost the road again, and a lion started chasing me. There was probably low gravity or something, other wise I don't think I could have out ran a lion. There was a small drop off on the hill I was running on, and I jumped off. 

There were people at the bottom of it with beehives. I flew over their heads, landed and rolled, my momentum carrying me back up to my feet and kept going.

By this time in my dream, my clothes were dirty, torn, and barely functioning as clothes. I limped up to a woman on the road with a basket of laundry and asked if I could borrow a pair of shoes, pants and a shirt. She obliged, thankfully. 

I dream jumped again, and I was back in the maze, more prepared with light body armor and weapons. I've probably been on the moon for a few years, hunting perhaps? I don't know. 

Eventually in my adventures in the mazes, I met three others. All guys, and about my age. Only the leader of the trio really sticks out to me. He was blonde and blue eyed (like most of my dream heroes are) and taller than me. He never got injured, and neither did his buds. I still got hurt, frequently, but it was like they were "awakened". Not sure what it really means, but I've been reading Brandon Sanderson lately, so that is probably a tie in with this dream. 

They were basically super human. After I met them, I dream jumped again and we were heading to four floating towers or skyscrapers, where the Awakened lived. Not sure how we got up there, but we reached the top. The guys were roughhousing because they couldn't get hurt, but something happened. 

I think some kind of rebellion was going on against the Awakened. A loud voice said, "So be it," and an earsplitting ring sounded. The boys didn't heed it at all, until one slipped and cut himself on his sword. The leader looked at me, with slight panic in his eyes. 

That's when the buildings started to fall apart, floor by floor. I also began to fall, but the leader grabbed me. We both held on for our lives, rubble flying everywhere. 

Sadly, this is when I woke up.

The End

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