The Bouquet

I just barely had this dream, and I don't know what made it come about, but it's really interesting. It reminded me of a movie. 
Not to mention the fact that Jeff Goldblum was in there too. 


I was at this... party thing. I was the only one not in fancy clothes, and I had no idea why I was there, or even how I got there. I was just wandering around, eating food and drinking water, because I somehow knew I had keep my wits about me. 

The rest of this area gets fuzzy, and I feel like I skip to the more exciting parts. Anyway, I meet this other kid who's about my same age, maybe a bit older, and we're running from this big corporation.

We're hiding on a beach in a little Mexican family's store, when a hurricane hits. The only thing that really stayed together was the couch all of us, including the Mexican family, we're sitting on, clinging to it for dear life! 

Soon, we landed in a river and just floated on the couch for a while. Then, this Panama canal thing was going on, and lots of people on various furniture we're flowing down this river trying to get past these guards guys. 

When the guards saw us, they pulled us aside, and my companion said, "Why are they picking us out?"

To which I replied, quite sarcastically, "Oh gee, maybe because we have warrants."

The guards brought us to this large room where it was like a conference place. The big corp guy was sitting behind his giant desk, looking foreboding while being surrounded by his possi. I decided to be the obnoxious teen I was always meant to be, and sat in his chair behind his desk. 

He started to monologue about how we can't stop him no matter how hard we try, yada yada. He mentioned he had a special scientist, he gestured toward the door, and in was shoved Jeff Goldblum.

I don't even know.

Then, I think his daughter/wife/concubine walked in with wedding plans for something or other. While he was distracted, I signaled my buddy, and I stole the lady's bag that had all her stuff in it. 

It had lots of crap, while it had lots of useful things. Like a DSLR camera (which I'd kill for), snacks, and a daisy bouquet. It was actually really pretty. It had other yellow flowers in it too, but I don't know what they were. Also, It smelled nice and no matter how long it was out of water or anything, it never lost it's luster. 

My friend and I wandered and ran from the bad guys for a long while. Soon, we were literally running away from them on the street. Jeff Goldblum was sitting on a motorcycle, waiting for me. I think I had contacted him earlier to help me and my buddy escape. 

I still had the bag I had stolen and the bouquet inside. I don't know why they wanted the bouquet so badly, or why I needed it. 

It's weird. 

So I hop on the back of Jeff's motorcycle and we rode as fast as we can. Soon we stopped for whatever reason, and the lady who owned the bag I had stolen walked up to us in her heels and tight dress and started ranting at me about the bouquet. 

Then I woke up.

The End

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