Not Sure What to Call This One...

I have no idea how this creepy dream came about. It has a DnD feel to it though. At least in the beginning. I just had this dream, so it's pretty fresh in my mind and I hope I get it out before it fades! Most of the dream seems to happen in an oddly built... Walmart? I have no idea, but it was large, scary, and had creepy people there. Every thing was gray. 


I was somewhat older in this dream, and had exceptionally longer hair than I do now. I think I had leather armor?

I was with a dungeon party gone-wrong. I was with several other people dressed in mixed 'costumes' and had weapons of every kind. We were hunting... I have no idea, but when we found it, lots of people died gruesomely. It was maybe about seven feet tall, had grey skin and needle sharp teeth. Now that I think about it, this monster probably came from me watching Animal Planet yesterday. It also had huge razor sharp claws that would tear you to pieces if it wanted to. 

Here's how we found it: All of us were creeping down an over grown hallway that led to a large cement room. We all filed in and began searching in pairs. I don't quite remember what my partner looked like, but I do remember that they were a girl. She might have been wearing bikini-mail, but I'm not sure. 

After a while, the monster jumped out of it's hiding place. It blended very well with the concrete, so it was very surprising! We all tried attacking it, but it seemed to just mow us down like grass. 

I knew I had to get outta there. 

There was me, our party leader who was a guy, and another dude. We looked frantically for an exit while the monster stalked us, almost playing with us for it's own amusement. It was so terrifying!

Finally, we found a hallway that was completely bare. Without hesitation, we booked it down the corridor with Monster in tow. We reached a huge metal door, and it took all three of us to close it. We stood there behind the door, monster on the other side scratching and howling for us. 

I turned around and saw that we were in a Mos Eisley cantina sort of place. Everything was still gray, but there were scary people at tables and the bartender was bald and slimy. Not physically of course, but he had that air about him. We decided to stick together and headed in deeper. 

This is where it gets fuzzy. I'm not sure what happened in the middle, but we figured out an evil plot against this under ground city place. And we knew the bartender was behind it all. Somehow. Also, we picked up a stray child, who showed us lots of cool things apparently. The bartender is the one who created the monster we had hunted, and he was making more of them to rule the world!

I snuck into the back room of the cantina with the kid while my friends kept the bartender distracted. It wasn't just a back room, it was more like a storage unit. Boxes were everywhere. And people just wandered around in there, slack jawed, foggy eyed and dragged their feet in there. They never left as far as I could tell. I was quietly walking around a bunch of crates when it was like my foot got sucked into the concrete. Because of my momentum, I tripped but also broke my ankle. The pain was excruciating!

I said some words and with great pain managed to pull my foot out of the cement. I found a stool and sat on it, head in my hands. 

That's when one of the slack jaw people found me. He was very tall and had rags for clothes, very scruffy looking. And not the ruggedly handsome kind. He just stood there while I mouthed him off, staring at me. But the way he stared at me is why I started throwing the worst I had at him. 

Thankfully, the kid we recruited heard the noise I was making and found me, still cursing at the dude. The kid had found what we needed, and helped me walk back out of the nightmare. 

More fuzzy things happened, but we confronted the bartender who was secretly making an army out of those monsters! He had created them from the people that were in his back room. He uses magic to make sure they couldn't leave, like what almost happened to me with my broken ankle. 

Sadly, that's about it. I woke up before we could fight him. Sad face!

The End

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