Hick Mafia

Now this dream is a little odd. I think it came about because I watched 'Sister Act', which if you haven't seen, it's hilarious! I had this a while ago and wanted to turn it into a story, but it's a little embarrassing... And short. 


I live in a small town western USA, so you can go ahead and imagine all the big trucks, cowboy hats and boots all you like.

Because it's true. 

Well, not everyone here is like that, but majority is. For some odd reason, there was something along the lines of a hick mafia in my town, led by a teenager my age. And he took an interest in me. Now, I'm not into cowboy stuff unless it's old westerns flicks. Like John Wayne, or Spaghetti Westerns. Anyway, I was sending off all the signals possible to tell him I'm totally not interested in him. Even told him no on many occasions. 

One of my friends was in this dream, and I won't say who, but most of my friends are boys, because girls don't like me. So, the mafia boss was watching me flirt with him and was all, "You belong to me, and you ain't allowed to be with other guys," So naturally, I said, "No way, Hose."

I don't remember the rest of the dream aside from the very end. 

Mafia boss captured my friend and I in his big black truck. For some odd reason he thought it a great idea to beat us up in my drive way? 

We pull in, Mafia boss' goons drag us out of the abnormally large black truck. They ruff us up a bit, then Mafia boss starts monologuing. I see my change and totally beat the snot out of them! My friend helped, but I think I did most of the damage. 

'Course, I made the hero's mistake and let the boss go to live another day, but as he was bleeding out on my back door porch, I'm standing over him saying stuff like, "You come after me or anyone else again, and I'll cut off your most prized possession. Then make you eat it." - I'm gruesome like that - After I finished, I kicked him in his tenders and walked back to my friend. Who then proceeded to grab my face and kiss me.

I kid you not, this is my first dream kiss that I've witnessed. In all my romantic dreams, I always wake up right before the kiss. Quite frustrating. 

Right after the surprise kiss, I woke up and could still feel the imprint of his lips on mine.

It was freaky. My dreams can be very very real, to the point where once I had a very violent dream and woke up with a bloody nose. Seriously. 

The End

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