Robots... And Jesus?

I have absolutely no idea how this dream came about. It is weird beyond anything I've ever dreamed so far. Seriously, when I woke up, I was so confuzzled! It makes no sense whatsoever. 


The layout of my backyard is like this (If I could get a nice picture of it on here I would): Mostly grass and a few trees. There's a fence separating my yard from our neighbor's where most of this dream takes place. My neighbor's yard is significantly larger than ours and has no trees, it's like a mini field. 

I don't remember how it started, but I remember the last half. For some reason, this little adorable robot not even knee height, wanted everyone under his control! He commanded a mini army of smaller robots, that looked like bugs. They would swarm a victim and take over their body, but the person still had their minds. They would paralyze the person and the robot would transport them to a 'secure location'. This happened to me, and three other people. Two boys and another girl. 

The thing we were stuck in was like a pink glass room that we couldn't break. There was no furniture, and a robot would give us food from the ceiling. We got so bored! For some reason, stuff could come through the glass from the outside, but the room was invisible from the outside, so lots of things wandered in. 

Once, I was sitting in the middle, going crazy and watching some people playing volleyball outside, when the volleyball came through the wall and landed in my lap! I turned to my companions and said, "Guys! We have something to do!" We were all so excited for something, anything! 

Eventually we figured a way to get out. When food would come from the ceiling, it would open a little to let the food in. I don't quite remember how we did it, but we got through. 

Then somehow we went back in time, coming to the same end every time. We would go back farther and farther until we could get it right. We went far back enough to find the robot making a deal with Jesus. 

I know.

It was odd, Jesus was wearing a pink robe instead of his usual red one in all the paintings. 

I know.

The color pink seems to be some kind of theme here. Ah well, we ran up to Jesus and told Him he couldn't let the robot do what he wants. Jesus said, "Okay," then I ran into my house and grabbed my older sister.

After I dragged her outside, I pointed at Jesus and said, "Look! This is a dream!"

Then I woke up!

The End

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