I actually had this one last night, after playing a fabulous game, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Don't know why some other elements are in it, but hey my dreams are weird!


Me, a girl and a boy, I don't know their names but I'll give them some: Tani and... Harry. I don't know why, but we were wandering these pipes that we could walk upright in. They weren't terribly dirty, but they were dark. Very, very dark. 

What I remember is a little sketchy, but we fell through the floor into a room with a bunch of doors. Each door had a different name, Agony, Despair, Fade, etc. All of them were pretty scary, and so we chose the door that said Fade, because it seemed the less scary. Choosing the lesser of a bunch of evils.

Boy, were we wrong. 

We opened the door and it locked behind us. There was a box that said, "Defend yourself." I reached in and pulled out a bow and a few arrows. Like I said, this is partially Oblivion-like. 

It's hard to explain the creatures we faced in there. One was like a lizard... thing. It walked on two legs, had spikes on it's back and was about six to seven feet tall. Very sharp teeth. Another one was very large and had pincers for hands. Large in width and height. 

Now, this is where it gets a little weird. Apparently, there were a bunch of other people stuck there as well, about twenty others. Each of the doors somehow led to this one large room. There was a balcony type structure where everyone was standing on, trying to figure out the puzzle that lay before them. Odd thing was, the puzzle was like a jeopardy board. The gap between the balcony and the huge board was too large to jump and too deep to survive if you did. 

Not sure how we figured out how to answer the questions, but if you threw something at it and hit a question or answer, it would work. Sadly, I was the one who was sent to get the things. Alone, typically. I would go back and forth from each room, gathering and killing monsters. Once, I found a pea shooter and that worked as well. 

By the time all the questions were answered, all my arrows were gone, so I could only use the bow as a stick to hit things with. I don't quite remember what happened after the jeopardy, but it was like a mice maze, where the mice had to get to a certain point, you know? Creepy. 

And, I think that's it.

The End

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