Pirate Island

This dream came about after having a Peter Pan marathon right after watching the first Pirates of the Caribbean.


I was sitting behind a bookcase, hiding. I didn't know from who or what at the time, but the layout of the room I was in was simple. The bookcase was right next to the door and I could see who came and who went, and there was a dirty mattress stuffed in the corner. 

Then suddenly a very tall man in a bright red coat and an exceptionally large purple feather in his hat walked in. He stood facing away from the bookcase. And just stood there. 

I waited for a while for him to leave, but he didn't. So, I figured, if I wanna get out of this room, I'll have to dispose of him. 

I crept around the bookcase and gently slid his cutlass out of his belt. I had it all the way out and pointed at him when he finally noticed me. 

"Bad form," he said, waggling his finger at me. 

"I don't care," I replied as I ran him through. I pulled off his coat and hat and put them on, when a short chubby fellow walked in and gasped! 

"What have you done to the Captain!?" he cried. I didn't say anything, instead I stabbed his gut too. Gruesome, I know. I wiped the blood on the cutlass off on their clothes and walked out like I owned the place. But little did I know, that I was on an island and couldn't get off very easily. A Pirate Island, sadly not Neverland. As soon as I was out of the small ramshackle building, I dumped the hat and coat in a gutter. 

I snuck down the road, darting from palm tree to palm tree. No one was around, but still. I could hear dogs in the distance. For some reason, I knew that this road would lead me to the docks where I could escape. I was creeping along a fence, like a chicken wire fence, when two dogs just started barking at me. Spit and dirt was flying everywhere, but they couldn't get me because they were on leashes, thankfully. And the fence was between us too. It was so freaky, I hit the ground and the dogs just kept barking and barking! No one came to see what was up, so after a while, I crawled away. 

I looked up to the road and saw a big group of people. Mostly pirates with 'lady friends' being drunk. (Don't do drugs kids.) I thought I could hide among them, so I casually walked up and went with them. They were heading towards the docks, so I got pretty excited. 

Then I woke up. 

I hate dream cliffhangers!

The End

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