This is just a montage of various dreams I have! So if any of you who read my works think that I ought to make one of these a story, then tell me and maybe I'll think about it!

So, I have lots of crazy dreams. Some I've turned into stories because I remember them so well, and they actually make sense! 

These are dreams that weren't "long" enough for me to remember all of it, or just plain didn't make much sense but I still haven't forgotten. I mean, if you other Protagonists think I should make a few of these short dreams into a story, I'll give it some thought. 

FYI to everyone reading this also, I can be a really twisted person in the subconscious and most of this stuff I can't make up! Most of the dreams here will be written like I'm telling them to you in person, but depends on the dream. 


The End

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