I've been going through a lot lately and I've had this dream several times, always the exact same.

I am alone. I’m in a snow covered forest. Night descends. Blackness flows toward me. A formless black essence.  A beast comes into form, a beast born of the dark. The beast strides forward, scenting the air as it prowls. Our eyes are locked. Its eyes make a black-hole seem a blazing sun. I cannot break from its glare. The darkness seems to flow into the beast.


The beast lunges, its teeth bared to bite. I fall back from the attack, turning to run. The beast is too fast. It lands on my back forcing me down to the ground. I flip around. Lying facing this beast I feel overwhelmed. The beast descends upon me faster than I can think, biting with teeth as sharp as knives. I have raised my arms in an attempt to protect myself. The beast bites and tears at my arms. I reach down and draw a knife. I stab the beast in the chest. The beast recoils off my body allowing me to regain my feet, knife still in hand.


The darkness surrounding the beast flickers and shifts. I find myself facing myself, knife in hand and arms torn and bloody. The darkness seeming to flow from this figure into the surrounding air. This reflection of me advances, knife raised, and begins a fury filled attack. It is all I can do to defend myself. I cannot defeat this beast. It knows what I will do. It knows me, it is me.


My body is a mass of wounds, all are flowing freely with blood. I get weaker with blood loss, yet the reflection keeps coming, growing stronger as I weaken. I move backwards as I try to fend off the reflections attacks, but I trip over something buried in the snow and land on my back, knocking the air out of my lungs. The reflection kneels over me, I am too weak to move, blood is seeping out of me into the snow soaking it red. The reflection’s blade descends and buries into my chest.


I let out a howl of pain as the blade plunges deeper. The blade is ripped free and arcs back down towards me. I howl again as the knife pierces my flesh once more. I hear a howl in the distance. A solitary howl of anger. The blade is pulled free again and begins a new downward arc. There is a blinding light and a muffled thump. I look to my side to see the blackness receding before a shape of blinding light. The darkness retreats and is gone from sight.


The light shape turns back and its form becomes clearer. It is the same beast as before, the same as the beast of the dark, yet formed of light purer than fresh snow. I no longer feel weak. I no longer bleed, there are no cuts, my arms are fine. I stand as the beast comes to me to stand by my side. I can see now that the beast is a wolf. Its shoulder coming up to the bottom of my ribs.


The wolf looks up at me. Blue eyes, like ice, yet seeming warm, familiar. I reach down and entwine my fingers in his coat. I feel safe.

The End

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