I've recently started to dabble in writing/singing songs. This, is one of my very few and early works in that area.

Close your eyes, dreams are possible

You can walk away from this world and enter your own

Leave the place, where you cry yourself to sleep

Don't hurt yourself when you know it - you can be better than you are now


You know who you are, you don't have to care 'bout what others say

You're beautiful

Dreams might look far away

But who told you that you can't do it

Cause you can...you just have to try

You just have to try


Use the strength, that Lord gave to you

And your family's beside you

That's all you need

Keep your faith, you're strong, your love will take you a long way


The world might be falling apart but keep your head high, and take a long stride

You never know

With each breath that you take

You're taking another step, towards a new day


Just try, just try


It might mean you fall down,

But God gave you feet to help you stand up,

Crying won't change anything,

Your teras will stop you, from seeing the new light


The new light, the new light


So wake up now, from that dream of yours

Keep that newfound faith and smile

The End

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