dream boat

The thing about life, is there is no right way. THere are the people who make themselves heard that this way or that way is THE right way, but when it comes down to the truth, how do they know they are right? Or maybe they are still in the same boat as us, with no idea. Perhaps by convincing others to join them, they create a sense of belonging, but reality: we are all still on that boat, lost, regardless.

I am in a dream right now. I see things, as i would in a dream, but am shocked when i can touch and taste.  And then i wake up by my own voice which has been talking as if it doesn't need me, and i wake up as if i had never been gone, because i can remember why i am there, and how that came to be, and yet i just woke up. Its all new. I take a second to reevaluate my current position,  is this where i want to be, am i happy with the person i am. Maybe I am not. And so i wake up again, and i do something about myself. 

The End

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