Arrow TheonMature

model: matt bomer
story: 3002

Full Name:  Arrow Theon
Age: 28
Classification: Bounty Hunter; Pilot

GeneGift:  Unparalleled cognitive abilities; able to maintain a level of knowledge that surpasses all recorded geniuses and is able to learn things instantly.  After years of practice he is able to tap into the use of telekinesis and is currently working on mastering telepathy, though they are draining on him.  Most often he focuses on his knowledge capabilities rather than the telekinesis or telepathy.

Appearance:  Six-foot-three, with broad shoulders and a swimmers build.  Muscular but lean and lithe, almost sinewy. Shaggy brown hair that he keeps only long enough to run his fingers through, and deep-set black eyes.  Angular features, a strong jawline, narrow lips, generally has a five-o’clock shadow.  Littered with callouses and scars.  Only ever smiles with half of his mouth.   Most often seen wearing black combat slacks and boots, any variety of t-shirt, aviator glasses, and a worn-in leather aviator jacket the color of fertile soil.


Personality:  Arrow suffers from mild narcissism – his confidence is the marrow in his bones, but this is not an off-putting quality when paired with his charm and the kindness his mother instilled in him as a child.  He is self-assured, well-mannered, and speaks quietly.  He is well disciplined due to his father being an Admiral in the military, but was never enrolled in military school. Eidetic memory and a voracious curiosity resulting in a genius-level IQ; he does everything better than almost everyone.  Mordant and realistic, oddly patient and tolerant.  Has specific triggers that send him into a rage, but these are rare.  Arrow is peculiarly observant but rarely makes comments about the things he observes.  Likes to be alone and prefers the company of those that also enjoy their solitude.  He can turn on his social side as he pleases but he finds it draining.   

Theater of Combat: Practiced in strategic, hand-to-hand, melee, vehicular, and weapons-oriented combat. Well-practiced in strategic flight and flight combat methods. 

Weapon of Choice: Extendable bladed nunchakus, double pistols, crossbow with modified arrowheads.

History:  Arrow was raised in a wealthy household and spent his early life encouraged in every facet of his potential; even as a child his hobbies and activities ranged dramatically – he participated in everything from art classes to drama courses, from philosophy to evolution, from quantum physics to weapons development.  He travelled all around the galaxy with his family; his father was in the military his entire life and, by the end, had been promoted to Admiral.  Arrow composed and delivered his father’s eulogy at the funeral, and six months later found himself doing so again, for his mother.  He was an only child and this brought out both the best and the worst in him.  Throughout his life he never had to want for anything – all things were within his reach – but this did not give him a sense of entitlement as it does so many, instead it gave him a sense of power and possibility.  At 28 years old, he is the owner of a massive fortune and a great number of collegiate degrees.  He chooses to spend his time gallivanting around space – in a ship he built with his own hands – splitting his time between paying jobs and charity. 

Author: rhetoric

The End

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