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Name: Minka Sollos
Age: 26
Species: half Siren, half Gancanagh.
Appearance: Minka is five-foot-seven and roughly 120 pounds of lean, liquid muscle; she has golden blonde hair that she keeps long enough to reach her belt loops, with wide, dramatic curls, and bangs just short enough to run her fingers through. She has wide, black irises and sharp, alert features; with scars and brands littering her entire body. She most often wears long jeans or jean shorts and t-shirts or tank tops; unless she's on the field.
Personality: Minka is charming, inflexible, and ruthless. She can kill with a smile on her face. She practically oozes confidence and a sense of entitlement that was earned - not assumed. She never shies away from hard work, danger, or an obstacle. She keeps everyone at arms length, never takes an ounce of bullshit, and does not bite her tongue. She's an obsessive student - taking courses in everything she possibly can. At 26, she has a number of Masters degrees and dozens of Bachelors. She prefers to be alone; if she has to be around people, she prefers to have a drink or a cigarette in her hand - more than likely both. Stupidity and ignorance set her into blind rage. She respects an ability to control oneself, hard work, bravery, and competence above all else. She hates heroes.
Theater of Combat: Practiced in warfare, strategic, hand-to-hand, melee, and weapons-oriented combat.
Weapon of choice: Crossbow, dual pistols, and combat knife.
Mini Bio: Minka grew up in a tumultuous household. Her father was a Gancanagh (a fairy known for seducing women; has a toxin in his skin that becomes addicting to the women he beds), and her mother was a Siren (a dangerous bird-woman that called sailors to their deaths with her song). Not long after she was born, her father killed her mother. Having a large part in the Unseelie Court, he insisted that she be trained in all forms of combat and warfare strategy. She was in military school her entire life and participated in underground boxing rings as a way to make extra money and infuriate her father. When he died she began taking mercenary gigs to make money and travel.

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