Domino FlareMature

model: michelle rodriguez
story: 3002

Full Name: Domino "Astra" Flare
Age: 28
Species:  Human
GeneGift: Time-manipulation. She is able to slow down or speed up time for small increments, but only for herself; as if she is able to experience the milliseconds between seconds, but no one else is aware except to sometimes notice she seems to respond faster and more easily than others.
Appearance: Domino is five-foot-nine and roughly 130 pounds of lean, liquid muscle; she has obsidian hair that she keeps long enough to reach her belt loops, with wide, dramatic curls, and bangs just short enough to run her fingers through. She has wide, black irises and sharp, alert features; with scars and brands littering her entire body. She most often wears long jeans or jean shorts and t-shirts or tank tops; unless she's on the field, when she wears bullet-proof leggings and a simple t-shirt over a bullet proof vest. Most often seen wearing combat boots, and almost never seen without at least one of her weapons. Narrow mouth, crooked smile. Going up the inside of her right arm is a tattoo in sprawling letters that reads, "There are very few monsters that warrant the fear we grant them."
Personality: Domino is charming, inflexible, and intolerant. She can kill with a smile on her face and eat dinner with the body right next to her. She practically oozes confidence and a sense of entitlement that was earned - not assumed. She is fearless with a ruthless streak, but she keeps her dark side in check. She's stoic but well-mannered. She keeps everyone at arm's length, never takes an ounce of bullshit, and does not bite her tongue. She prefers to be alone; if she has to be around people, she prefers to have a drink or a cigarette in her hand - more than likely both. Stupidity and ignorance send her into blind rage. She respects an ability to control oneself, hard work, bravery, and competence above all else. She hates heroes and prima donnas. Domino is an obsessive learner; when she isn't on a job she can often be found pouring over educational screens, honing her weapons proficiency, or practicing any variety of combat methods. She takes nothing at face value and chooses to make sense of things on her own rather than trust in something someone else says. She believes in honor and respect, but keeps her compassion and affection reigned in tightly.
History: Domino grew up in a stable home with loving parents who died peacefully in their sleep at reasonable ages. She was enrolled in military school before she was nine because of her unruly nature.  Her natural inclination towards violence and a life lived skirting the edges of the law have never been explained. She has never failed a mission.

The End

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