Jasmine KoccharMature

model: frieda pinto
story:  King of Thieves (Script)

Full Name: Jasmine Kocchar
Age: 25 (Daughter Number: 7)
Species: Human 
Appearance  Roughly 5'7", lithe musculature, petite frame.   Small, narrow nose, wide almond-shaped black eyes.  Devastatingly lovely smile.  Pitch-black hair that falls to the middle or her ribcage.
Personality: Jasmine is entirely unlike her siblings.  While her sisters are content to lead a life in the palace, whiling away their days with idle gossip and pretty fabrics, Jasmine is not.  She hungers for adventures and the sharp pull of fate.  She demands of life what she wants and refuses to back down.  She disregards gender roles, political expectations, and almost everything she was raised to believe in order to stand up for the future she knows she deserves.  She is fierce, stubborn, and free-spirited.  


This is the sole source of contention between she and her father: that she resembles him too much.  His stubbornness, his crass neglect for the expected.  Jasmine refuses to fit into the mold of her sisters by rejecting the idea of marriage without love.  Even as she patches her busted lipped, broken boned, bruised body she cannot find enough weakness within her to give in.

She wants more, and she will not relinquish her chances of having more for anything.  Even the love of her father, the respect of her family, or the opinion of a kingdom.

The End

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