Aeon NeilMature

story:  Ghosts of District 13

Full NameAeon Neil
Age: 22
Species: Human
Appearance  Six-foot-two with shaggy brown hair that reaches his shoulders. Long, sharp features and contemplative black eyes. Lean and in shape, albeit not muscle bound.  Unmarred skin, soft hands.  Definitely not a day-laborer.
Personality: Shy and thoughtful; keeps to himself but primarily does so because other people are stupid and bothersome. A bit of a hobbyist - bounces from one interest to another, never quite settling on one but nearly mastering all of them. Jack of all trades. Patient, intelligent, and self-sacrificing.  Loyal to those he accepts.  Typically a slave to his own whimsy.  Elitist.

History:  From District 3.

Aeon grew up alone in a wealthy home; both of his parents work at the pharmacological labs and he hardly sees them. He has no siblings and no extended family. He did not seek out friendships or relationships but for the rare instances that another person could hold his attention longer than his imagination.  Frequently bored with people, he enjoyed being alone.

Aeon was top of his class in university but never took his academic abilities farther, despite the push from his parents to pursue teaching on a university level.  He could not see himself being around people as often as it would take to teach - let alone tolerating them while he did so.  In a search for a way to occupy his life, he bounced from one trade to another, mastering them all before getting bored and moving on to the next.

Even with his cease-less search, he could most often be found around the small town of District 3, propped behind an easel or a sketchpad.

The End

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