Ruarí (Rory) SavageMature

model: holland roden
story:  Ghosts of District 13

Full NameRuarí (Rory) Savage
Age: 19
Species: Human
Appearance  Rory is five-foot-eight with a very lean figure. She has glowing cerulean eyes and full lips, with a narrow jaw and dark eyelashes. Her hair is chestnut brown and falls to her mid-thigh. More often than not, her lips are drawn in a tight line and her eyes are dark with thought.
PersonalityRuarí is temperamental, volatile, and caustic. She has a nasty edge to her personality that strikes most of those around her as “meant for the Games,” but Rory has never wanted anything but to leave the fences of the District; to leave and never come back, that is. Rory has a soft side but it is so rarely evident that even she forgets its there. Rory is incredibly moral and determined; she accepts no defeat, no bullshit, and offers no excuses. She’s impatient but not impulsive.

History:   From District 3.

Rory’s mother died giving birth to her, and her father died during a breach in viral weaponry at the pharmaceutical lab when she was 13. She’d been given a hefty wealth from both of their insurance policies, which provided more than enough for her to live on, but she hardly touched it.

Despite the laws, Rory constantly leaves the District through a small hole in the fence that seems to go unnoticed, to hunt. She made her own weapons and leaves them hidden in the woods. Inside the District compound, she goes to university and apprentices at the organic labs. No one knows of her trespasses beyond the fence.

She lives her life entirely alone - associating only with those at the lab or in university when she has no choice.

The End

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